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Kayaking vs canoeing vs rafting : Full comparison blog

Let’s start reading our article to acquire more knowledge about kayaking, canoeing, and rafting. Actually today we are going to give you some great comparison information about kayaking vs canoeing vs rafting. Three things are related to water. They are almost the same. But they have some little differences.

Kayaking vs canoeing vs rafting :

The comparison is going to be started including all the important parts. Actually, today our intention is to find out the differences between them. The three things are very interesting for all kinds of people. We hope that this article will be able to give you much fun and good knowledge about kayaking, canoeing, and rafting.

At first, we have to know what a kayak is.

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It is one kind of canoe-type small boat. Kayak is a small and narrow watercraft. It has one, two or three seats. These seat number depends on their size. There are many kinds of kayaks in the world. Sports, touring, fishing, kids models are the most popular. Most of the time it can not move without paddling. But some great kayaks are able to include motor.

So if you want to move it from back to front most of the time you must have to do paddle. It is a very useful thing. Because a kayak is very lightweight also. That’s why a person can carry it very easily. At first, it was used for sports. The European people have used it for skimming across the cold waters in the mid-1800s. The Germans and French used it for recreation for the first time.



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It is one kind of fun activity. When a person moves from back to front or front to back by paddling and at this time if the person uses a kayak then it is called kayaking. Many people use it for many various purposes. Some people do kayaking for sports. Some are using it for fishing and many many people are using it for touring.

It is possible to do this on any water surface. We said that it is a fun activity. Yes, that is right. Cause kayaking can give us happiness. It will refresh your mind. Kayaking is also a good exercise and kayaking can burn extra calories in our body.  For these reasons, kayaking is really great for our health. In conclusion, we can say that this is kayaking.

Now we have to know what a canoe is.

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A canoe is a narrow and lightweight watercraft. Its upper part is totally open. People usually move it by paddling. They can paddle it by sitting or kneeling. Actually, they use one bladed paddle. In British English, the name canoe is also used for the kayak. So they called it the open canoe for dividing from the kayak. 

It was related to many country’s cultures. Until the mid-1800s it was an important watercraft for exploration or trade. It is still used such as in many countries. It observed an important role in the northern United States, Canada, and New Zealand’s history. 


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When a person moves from back to front on the water surface by paddling and this time if he or she uses a canoe then it is called canoeing. This activity is similar to kayaking. But the difference is people can only paddle a kayak by seated. But a canoe has two options like seat and kneeling and the other difference is their shapes. Because every canoe is something bigger than a kayak and canoes are wider than kayaks. It is also a fun activity.

People are canoeing for many various purposes. Some are doing it for exploration, some are doing it for fishing and many people are doing it for trade. If you want to do this you will be able to do this on any water surface. In conclusion, we can say that the difference between kayaking and canoeing is only in sitting position and design.

Now it is time to know about a raft.

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Raft means a basic water vehicle. It is a flat and wider type watercraft. That is used for moving on the water. Usually, it is made of wood, sealed barrels, or inflated air chambers (like pontoons). But nowadays there are many advanced rafts in the market and they are made with much-advanced technology.

Actually, it has no engine. So if you will want to move it you must have to do paddle. Kayak and canoes capacity is only one, two, or three-person. But a raft is always bigger than any kayak or canoe. So its capacity is better than others. So a perfect raft is made of this all features


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Rafting and Whitewater Rafting is a funny outdoor activity. Actually, the inflatable raft is used for this activity. People can do this on any river or other body of water. Usually most of the time this activity is done on whitewater or different degrees of rough water. So this is very dangerous for beginners. But good experience can dealing this risk very easily. This is a very popular activity all over the world. It is more popular as a sport since the 1950s.

We already said that it is a risky sport. But it is more riskier on whitewater in the river. It is not risky on other normal water surfaces. It is also a competitive game. Many countries can attend in world rafting championship. This event is really amazing. Overall this is rafting.

So now we can say that generally, rafts are bigger than any kayaks and canoes. So at a time, many people can paddle by seating on a raft. We already know that a kayak and a canoe can carry only 1 to 3 people. So at a time only 1 to 3 people can paddle by seating on a kayak or a canoe and this is the main difference between rafting and them.

Final Information

After all research, we can say that kayaks, canoes, and rafts are made as watercraft and kayaking vs canoeing vs rafting are mostly the same. But the main difference is their sizes and designs. Their paddling style is also some different. We hope you already got all information about kayaking vs canoeing vs rafting. So, at last, the main decision is yours. You can like or select anyone.

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