Lifetime Cruze 100 Sit In kayak Review

Lifetime Cruze kayak reviews : Things to know

Lifetime is popular with its beautiful watercraft and accessories. Many types of kayaks offer this brand but everyone has their choice. You may like a hard shell kayak instead of an inflatable one. Lifetime Cruze kayak reviews are exactly for them.

Before buying a product, you have to learn more about the product and if you are planning to buy a Lifetime Cruze kayak then you must have a piece of good knowledge of the pros and cons of this kayak.

Overall, it is a budget friendly kayak and if you almost decided to buy one of these then it can be a valuable decision for you. This 10 feet lightweight kayak and the quality outer shell will give you a piece of good knowledge.

If you want a detailed review of the lifetime Cruze 100 sit-in kayak – 2 pack then you can read this article. Hope you will get good knowledge about it. Our expert team has covered all pros and cons of this kayak.

Lifetime Cruze 100 Sit-in Kayak Review

4.4Our Score

The lifetime 10 ft. Cruze sit-in kayak has been designed with the beginner or recreational kayaker in mind. This kayak is undoubtedly a good option for beginners and intermediate kayakers, offering great quality and a general level of comfort at a price that won’t cause a major dent in your wallet.


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Hardshell body and strong
  • Hull shape design for more stability
  • Multiple Footrests and adjustable seat
  • Extra storage to carry extra stuff


  • Some minor cons appeared but the Boatni team thinks that it’s not a major con to write here.

The core information of Lifetime Cruze kayak.

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Lifetime Cruze 100 is a hard shell and well made kayak from Lifetime. These 44 pounds 10 feet are strong and can survive in almost every tough situation. Hope it will give you a better lifespan.

Don’t think that it will not give you comfort like an inflatable kayak. It comes with an adjustable bucket. That means you can adjust your seat as you want.

It also has multiple footrests that’s why you can place your feet as your comfort. This Ocean Blue beauty comes with a 5 years warranty. One strong and good quality paddle comes in the box as lifetime Cruze kayak accessories.

The main thing that most people want with their kayak or boat is stability and performance. At this price point, this Cruze 100 is a full value for money kayak. A deep hull design gives more stability and a narrow edge gives a decent performance.

The sharp font of this kayak can cut water smoothly and can take more speed with less effort. This lifetime Cruze 100 has extra storage to carry extra stuff to carry different things for your journey. You can carry your fishing gear, hunting gear, and more in this 10 ft kayak.

Lifetime Curze 100 sit in kayak can carry one person and up to 275 pounds. So that means if you are going for a fishing tour then you can carry a decent amount of gear and come with so many fishes in your kayak.

It is constructed of UV-Protected High-Density Polyethylene. But a bad thing is that it does not come with the paddle. However, it is not a deal breaker. If you like this then you will buy a paddle separately if you have no paddle.

Lifetime Cruze kayak

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you may have some questions about Lifetime Cruze Kayak. We have picked some great questions and super great answers from them.

How Much Weight Capacity Of Cruze 100 Kayak?

This Cruze 100 can carry a maximum capacity of 275 pounds. It is a very lightweight kayak and the weight of this boat is only 44 pounds. As it is a hard shell, it’s a pretty decent weight.

Is LifeTime Cruze A Stable Boat?

Yes, the hull shape and deep kayak are stable and the Lifetime Cruze kayak is decent stable and it will not create any trouble for beginners. Many beginners start kayaking with this.

Are Lifetime Cruze Kayaks Good?

Yes, although everyone has a personal choice but overall this kayak is perfect for almost everyone. If you are a beginner and wondering to buy this Cruze kayak then it can be a good choice.

Do Lifetime Cruze Kayaks Flip Easily?

Every kayak will flip if you ride use them the wrong way and Cruze can also flip if you don’t use it correctly. So you have to practice before you ride any kayak.

Can I Do Fishing With A Lifetime Cruze Kayak?

Why not, this is a pretty good and worthy kayak for fishing. Although it doesn’t have any fishing rod holder or any kayak fish finder holder but if you can compromise these then you are good to go.

Last word from Boatni

You may get your all desired information from this lifetime 10 ft Cruze review. If you are not happy to buy an inflatable kayak and looking for a great Hull shape hard shell kayak with a great deal then you can go for it.

This Cruze kayak is from Lifetime and has taken a great place in consumers’ hearts. They love this Cruze kayak for the specification and other features. From stability to storage, color to features all things are up to the mark.

In the year 2022, this Lifetime kayak can be the best option for you. If you are looking for a new kayak in this new year then you can consider this kayak on your buying list.

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