Lifetime Payette 98 Kayak review

Lifetime Payette 98 kayak review : UV protected kayak

This article provides a comprehensive review of the Lifetime Payette 98 Kayak.

The Lifetime Payette 98 Kayak is a great option for those who are looking for a great kayak that can be easily carried and stored. It is also suitable for fishing, hunting, and exploring nature.

Nowadays, lifetime kayaks are the most popular products all over the world. Their durability, enough storage, smartness and good shape are the most important reasons for their popularity. Actually, the lifetime Payette 98 kayak is one of the best of them and today we are going to give you all the information about it.

Lifetime Payette 98 kayak review:

Lifetime lightweight kayak

1. Balanced kayak.
2. Made with (HDPE).
3. UV protected.
4. Enough storage.
5. 2 carrying handles.
6. Easy to carry.
7. Good seating system.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Customer reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars
56 global ratings

Seating system

We know that a kayak without a seat is not worth it and uncomfortable to all of us. There are many seatless kayaks in the world. They should include seats in their kayaks. But the Lifetime Payette has a great and very comfortable seating system. 

Actually, it has a comfortable seat with a very comfortable backrest. Its seat and backrest can give us a great seating experience and these features can help us to sit for a long time. Actually, its seat and backrest have no padded seat cushions. But its shape and dimensions are very comfortable to seating.


Storage and capacity.

This kayak also has a good storage system. Because this product has two great storage. It has a big storage with coverage and there is no bungee cord. But the other is bungee cord storage and this storage is protected by the bungee cord. 

So overall these storage are good enough for a water trip. Its capacity is also good enough. Because it can carry 113.39 kg and that means its capacity is 250 pounds. So we believe that this capacity is ideal for a one-person kayak.


payette 98 kayak back side

Weight and carrying handles.

Nowadays a lightweight kayak is a very favorite to all of us. Because this kind of item is very easy to carry and we can save a lot of time due to this feature. The Lifetime Payette 98 kayak is also a very lightweight product. Its weight is only 20.41 kilograms or 45 pounds. As an adult kayak, this weight is very light.

It also has two carrying handles on the front and rear. These handles are very comfortable and durable. We have already seen that this is a lightweight item and now we have seen that it also has two amazing carrying handles. So now it is clear that this item is very easy to carry and comfortable.



The most important and essential features are footrests. Because footrests can give us a very comfortable seating feel. That’s why every ideal kayak has multiple footrests. Okay, don’t worry, this kayak also has these features. We mean it has multiple footrest positions. 

We already know that its seat and backrest are very comfortable. Now we have known that its footrest positions are also good. So overall this item is very comfortable for seating to all of us.


Shape, dimensions, and paddle.

Without good shape, a kayak can not move very fast. A good shape also can give a kayak great stability. So shape is the most important part of a kayak. Don’t worry, because the lifetime Payette 98 kayak is very popular for its great and good shape.

This item also has good and balanced dimensions. Its dimensions are 116 x 30 x 14 inches (L.W.H). So its good shape and perfect dimensions are providing this kayak with good stability. Okay, now if you buy this item you will get a paddle with this item. Because lifetime includes 1 paddle within this amazing kayak.


payette 98 kayak front side

Hull material.

This item is constructed of UV-protected high-density polyethylene or we can call it (HDPE). This material is a thermoplastic polymer produced from the monomer ethylene. Sometimes we called it “alkathene” or “polythene” when we used it for HDPE pipes. Actually, this material is perfect to protect a kayak from UV and most of the kayaks are constructed of this material (HDPE).



  • Balanced kayak.
  • Made with (HDPE).
  • UV protected.
  • Enough storage.
  • 2 carrying handles.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Good seating system.


  • N\A


Frequently asked questions.

How durable is it?

Okay, now we have to look at the making material. Because we know that a kayak’s durability depends on its making materials. We have talked about its making material in the top part of this Lifetime Payette 98 kayak review. So we hope you know that the lifetime Payette 98 kayak is made of (HDPE) or high-density polyethylene. 

There is also an important part and the part is how we use this. If we are able to take care of this product we will be able to use this item for a minimum of 5 years and a maximum of 7-8 years very easily. But it depends on our using way. So overall we can say that it is definitely a durable kayak.


Is it easy to transport?

Yes, definitely we can carry this product very easily and there are some reasons. The very first important reason is it is very lightweight. We already know that it is only 20.41 kilograms. So we know that every lightweight item is very easy and comfortable to transport. 

Okay, there is another reason that’s why it is easy to transport and the reason is it has two durable and comfortable carrying handles. Actually, all-lifetime kayaks are great for carrying and transporting easily. So for these two features, anyone can transport all the lifetime kayaks very easily and comfortably including this kayak.


Filan word

Okay, it was our lifetime Payette 98 kayak review and it is time to finish this review. Because we have talked about all the features of the lifetime Payette 98 kayak in this review. So we believe that everything is clear about this item. Now it is your turn to go and buy this great kayak as soon as possible. 

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