Lifetime vs Pelican kayak comparison review 2022

There are hundreds of companies making kayaks today, including several major manufacturers, but there are only a few companies with international reputations for producing high quality, lightweight and durable kayak carriers. The Pelican and the Lifetime company enjoys a worldwide reputation for top quality, reliable products

After all of our research, we decided that the best kayak for us was Lifetime. Not that the Pelican was a bad kayak or anything, it just didn’t work as well for us in different aspects that we thought were important.

Kayaking is a well-known sport around the world. So many people love it for fishing and some use it for traveling. Maybe some of the users like to just float on the water and enjoy their Sunday or holiday. Whatever they like, kayaking has its own position in every other person’s heart.

There are lots of options to buy. But if you are having any kind of problem choosing a kayak between Lifetime and Pelican. Then you have come to the right place and we hope you can grab your knowledge. Here you can recognize one of them.

Lifetime and Pelican are two big brands that are well known for kayaks. Those two brands were born in 1986 and 1968. After that, they are having a good time in this water sports industry. Lots of options are available to both. From low to high price ranges, they covered almost every section.

Lifetime Kayak

Lifetime kayam

It is not only a popular brand for water sports but also they make some other sports equipment. In 1986 Riverdale created a company called Lifetime. Their primary reason to make this company is to enter the basketball industry.

At the beginning level Lifetime started to make basketball hoops. They called all equipment Lifetime products. The journey was amazing. After that, they invented many categories for their company and the success rate was also good.

Lifetime offers fishing kayaks, sit-in kayaks, sit on top, paddleboards, paddles, and accessories. Great deal and the products they offer are amazing. They always try to do something new and improve services. As they not only work on water sports but also work for other sports and outdoors, they can understand the need of the person.

From the low to high price range, there are lots of variants to buy. If you are a beginner and worry about choosing the right one then you need to know the details of Lifetime and Pelican.

Lots of people have their choice. Maybe someone prefers to buy a sit-in kayak or someone will prefer to sit on the top kayak. Lifetime offers almost every type that you need. You just need to find out the best for you and enjoy the journey. You can check out some great lifetime products that we have reviewed.

Pelican kayak

Pelican kayak

Another popular brand is here. Pelicans are so dedicated to water sports. In 1968 this American company started their passion to put the full afford to watersports. This band uses the full time to discover the best of the best for users.

This leading brand is so passionate to innovate. The quality and performance made this company one of the best choices for users. User experience can easily be better for their hard work. Almost 870 employees are working hard to make the best one. 

In 1970 for the first time, they started to make molded plastic kayaks. The quality ingredients made it so durable. They are trying hard to archive more for the users.

The owner was  Gérard Élie. After 1985 his sons Christian and Antoine took ownership of the company.

Pelican is located in South Carolina. After launching the first product, the brand value is rising day by day. The main reason for this is to fulfill the user’s requirement. Every time they just focus on the user experience.

Pelican produces a huge amount of products every year. User demands are decent. The research team made the RAM-X formula for their kayaks. It is the new high-quality technology for their kayaks. It makes the kayaks so strong and lightweight. Lots of varieties are available there. Customers can take their desired options.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have found some questions that people ask often. That’s why we decided to put some common questions and answers for you.

Is Pelican better than Lifetime kayaks?

These two are popular brands and have their own uniqueness. They both have lots of options for buyers. It is a little bit tuff to say the best one of them just seeing their overall structure.
As they offer lots of varieties that’s why it is impossible to judge the full brand by one or two products.

Is Lifetime a good brand?

They started their journey in 1986 and nowadays they are working hard to make their products top class. They are a sports company whois work to take your experience to the next level.

Is the Pelican kayak good for you?

Pelican is one of the most renowned and well-featured kayak brands in the market. They are well known for the quality and durability of their sea kayaks, recreational kayaks, and inflatable boats.

Is Lifetime kayak good?

A lifetime kayak is specially designed to be more comfortable and safe. A lifetime kayak is comparatively less expensive than other kayaks.

which kayak is better for you: Pelican kayak vs Lifetime kayak

When comparing the Pelican kayak vs Lifetime kayak, the hard shell Pelican kayak is a great choice for a kayak that is durable, best for rough waters, tracking, and more. But a Lifetime kayak is also valuable as money kayaking brand.

Last word from Boatni

You may have understood that no one is bad or no one is perfect. Everything has its bad and good sides with uniqueness. What you need to find out the best for you as your desire.

Pelican and Lifetime kayaks are both good if you think from their overview. But it is not possible to judge the full region by only a few products. It needs to be deeper to judge it.

Lots of options are available to both Pelican and Lifetime. What you need to choose the right one for you. If you need any kind of help to choose then just comment below. Our expert team will reach you as soon as possible.

Lifetime is not only a watersports-related company. It also makes some other sports stuff. First of all, they started with the basketball category then they moved to the kayak industry. On the other hand, Pelican started their journey by kayak and they dedicated themselves only to watersports. 

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