Why you should visit Bangladeshi River

Why you should visit Bangladeshi River – Most beautiful River

Team Boatni has arrived in Bangladesh in January 2022 and when we see the beauty of the River we were just stunned. From the smell to waves, there is just beauty and beauty.

From Padma to Jamuna the beauty and culture of people can stun you. As Bangladesh has a lot of rivers that’s why people grow up their culture with rivers and they actually think of rivers as a part of their life.

Bangladesh has many different types of rivers and ponds, but one of the most popular rivers in Bangladesh is the Padma River or also known as the Ganges of Bangladesh.

The Padma River flows from north to south through Bangladesh and enters into India where it meets with the Ganges (Saraswati) River at the city of Kolkata (also known as Calcutta).

Both rivers then merge into the Bay of Bengal which has a shoreline that stretches along the Indian Ocean in both West Bengal and Bangladesh.

What are rivers?

Rivers are large bodies of freshwater that flow towards an ocean, a lake, a sea, or another river. In Bangladesh, all rivers are generally used for irrigation and transportation. But there are also several rivers that provide water for industries and for hydroelectricity.

The largest river in Bangladesh is the Padma, which means goddess in Bengali, and passes through Dhaka (the capital city). Other well-known rivers include Jamuna and Meghna, both part of the Ganges Delta.

Then there’s the Brahmaputra, which originates from Arunachal Pradesh (India) and runs through Mizoram (India), Assam (India), West Bengal (India) before entering Bangladesh on its way to Myanmar.

The Most Beautiful River of Bangladesh

Taken this picture when we are traveling by River.

Bangladesh has a total of six major rivers, each one flowing from different parts. The two largest rivers are Padma and Jamuna.

Along with several tributaries, these two form a floodplain in which thousands of rivers flow during rains and lean season or dry season. This makes the Bangladesh river the most beautiful river in Bangladesh.

Moreover, both meet near Singair district’s famous Kirtonkhola island where tourists love to visit during summers to witness an amazing natural attraction that lasts for only one month called Dhalager Char.

This part makes Bangladesh river as the most beautiful river among all other five major rivers in Bangladesh. People love to come here every year to enjoy their vacation along with friends and family members after summer vacations are finished by childrens, especially students.

Information About Famous Rivers Of Bangladesh


There are three major rivers of Bangladesh, they are Padma, Jamuna, and Meghna. They flow through Bangladesh to either Bay of Bengal or the Indian Ocean.

For transportation, we depend on these rivers for transportation purposes. Here is some basic information about famous river in Bangladesh:

Dhaleshwari River – The Most Important And Biggest In Bangladesh

river starts from the Himalayas and it flows through Jamalpur District, Mymensingh District and then flows into Ganges or Padma (Ganga) which is an important international river that passes through India, Bangladesh, and Nepal.

Padma River – The Largest In Country And Third Largest River In Asia
The Padma is a trans-boundary river, which originates in Bangladesh. From there it flows through India and merges with Ganges at Gajoldoba, north east of Narayanganj.

Along its course it flows through Faridpur, Lakshmipur, and Dhaka districts. It forms a natural border between India and Bangladesh for about 130 km. The Padma is known as Jamuna in India, from Akhaura to Daudkandi where it joins Meghna to form the Brahmaputra River.

Jamuna River – Second Largest In Country, Longest in Bengal
Bangladesh has four major rivers and one navigable river. They are Padma, Jamuna, Brahmaputra and Meghna Rivers. Out of these, Jamuna is second largest in Bangladesh while Meghna is navigable.

Located in northeastern part of Bangladesh, it is considered as the second longest river after Padma in the country. It passes through Barisal division and Dhaka division along with a central part known as Dhaka flow.

Kushiyara River – One Of The Oldest Rivers In Bengal, Now Blocked By Sand Barriers
I’ve never seen anything like it, a forest guard said. The banks are eroding, and water levels in front of me have risen as high as four feet during a single monsoon.[8]

According to local villagers, Kushiyara River is getting out of control every year.[9] However, they have no solutions to prevent further erosion and floods by erosion in Bangladesh river.

Madhumati River – Flows Through Madhupur Jungle
Madhumati is one of Bangladesh’s most beautiful rivers. It’s a clear-water river that flows through Madhupur Jungle and divides Gazipur from Narayanganj District. This placid river is about 1 km wide at some places.

You can take a ferry or catch a ride on a country boat to get from one bank to another. There are dozens of cafes on both sides where you can stop for tea and snacks while enjoying gorgeous views of lush green vegetation along both banks.

Meghna River – One Of Longest Rivers In Bangladesh, Connects Jessore And Dhaka Division
Meghna is one of the longest rivers in Bangladesh and considered as a lifeline. It originates from Kaptai, Chittagong Hills.

This river serves as the boundary between Bangladesh and India’s state of Tripura. Meghna meets Padma (Ganges) River near Chandpur town at Garbhanga Upazila (of Madaripur District). [source]

Why is Bangladesh known as the land of rivers?

Bangladesh is a unique country, as it is located in one of the most fertile regions on earth. Many rivers and water bodies originate from here. In fact, Bangladesh can be called a ‘River Bowl’ as every district has at least one river flowing through it. That’s why Bangladesh is known as the land of rivers.

What is the importance of rivers in Bangladesh?

In Bangladesh, we have numerous rivers and other water bodies. Each river has a different importance in Bangladesh. In our economy, transport and many other parts of life, rivers have a major role to play.

Some rivers help us to make profit through fishing, agriculture and some people do their job on these rivers. So I will tell you about the most beautiful or the most important rivers in Bangladesh that have been playing an important role in the growth and development process of Bangladesh.

Basically, we do not write blogs outside of the USA but when we visited Bangladesh we feel that we need to write a blog about Bangladeshi Rivers.

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