Pelican maxim 100x kayak review

Pelican maxim 100x kayak review: best one person kayak

The Pelican maxim 100x kayak is a great option for those who want a kayak that can be used in the ocean. It has the ability to handle rougher waters and it is made of a durable material.

This article will be about the Pelican maxim 100x kayak review. We will discuss what makes this kayak so great and why you should consider buying it if you are looking for something that can handle rougher waters.


Pelican maxim 100x kayak

The pelican maxim 100x kayak review

Best one person kayak

  • Super durable.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Goos backrest.
  • Enough storage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable carrying handle.
  • Easy to carry.

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320 global ratings

Pelican maxim 100x kayak review:

The pelican maxim 100x kayak is really so beautiful and it has many amazing features. So if we talk about this product in 1 paragraph that will be hard to understand for you. That’s why we have to describe this kayak step by step.

Weight, dimension, and capacity:

This item is so light. Because its weight is only 16.32 kg. That means it is only 32 lbs. So this product is able to move very quickly. This item’s dimensions are 120″ x 28″ x 14″ and these are very ideal dimensions. Its maximum weight capacity is 124.73 or 275 lbs and this is huge. Because it is a 1 person product and we hope 275 lbs is enough for one person.

Seating and footrest system:

Honestly, we are saying that its seating system is really amazing and good. Because Pelican has included an adjustable Ergoform backrest. Readers just think how soft and comfortable this feature is! Pelican has included also a seat cushion in this product.

Okay, it’s time to know about the footrest system. Actually, it has a molded footrests system that is very comfortable to use. Actually, these three great features will be able to give anyone a good seating feeling.

Making materials:

The Pelican maxim 100x is made of RAM-X impact-resistant material. We hope you know that all pelican kayaks are made with this material. The RAM-X is a really good, strong, and durable material. But the important and amazing thing is it is very lightweight. So we are satisfied with it.

Carrying handles, bottle holder, drain plug, storage system:

The pelican maxim 100x has two carrying handles and features are for easy transport. There is a bottle holder and a drain plug in this item. It also has an amazing storage system.

Its storage platform is with a Mesh deck cover and this is able to store all your gear for your water trip. Pelican has included a bungee cord in the storage platform and it makes the storage system very better. So we are satisfied with this.

Important Information:

It is a recreational kayak. It is great for beginners as well as intermediate paddlers. If you are looking to enjoy a stable and relaxing kayaking experience during the cool or warm season it will be the best ideal kayak for you.

So if you are looking for a strong performing all-around kayak this pelican maxim 100x kayak will be the best option for you. So that’s all about this product


  • Super durable.
  • Comfortable seat.
  • Goos backrest.
  • Enough storage.
  • Lightweight.
  • Durable carrying handle.
  • Easy to carry.


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Frequently asked questions:

Is the Maxim 100X kayak good for a long time using?

We hope you have read this article very well. We think If you have read this article you could understand about its all features. Actually, the pelican Maxim 100X is good from all sides. Its making materials, seat, shape, and all other features are good.

The pelican maxim 100x kayak top view

But the important thing is it is made with RAM-X material. This is very hard and light. So if your question is ( is the maxim 100X good for using?) then our answer is Yes and you will be able to use it for a long time.

What is the best pelican kayak?

It is very hard to tell for us, because there are many good pelican kayaks in the market. But it is sure that the maxim 100x kayak is one of the best pelican kayaks. We really love this amazing and great pelican kayak.

But we also have some favorite kayaks. If you want to see those you have to go to our pelican kayak reviews. We have shown 14 best pelican kayaks in that review.

What feature makes this kayak best?

We have seen it has many many good and amazing features. Every feature is important for this product or a paddler. But we think its making material, lightweight, and perfect dimension make this item best. We have already described these three features in our main Pelican maxim 100x kayak review part.

Is it perfect for kids?

No, it is not made for kids. It is made for intermediate and beginner-level people. Look at the main product picture, it is too big from any other kid’s item. That’s why it is not comfortable for kids. Its shape is also different from any other kid’s product. So it is not perfect for kids.

Is it able to carry more than one person?

No, never. It is made for one person. It has only one seat. Its weight capacity is perfect for only one person. Totally it is a one person kayak. So it won’t carry more than one person.

Does Boatni love this product?

We are telling you from the heart that we love this product. Because of its good quality, durability, and all good sides. We also love its color and the color is very sweet and smart. Overall it is one of our favorite kayaks.

Final words.

Dear readers, now we are in the last part of the Pelican maxim 100x kayak review. We have already described all the things about it.

So we believe right this moment you have no doubt about this product. We think after seeing all the good sides now you also like this kayak. If you think this is the perfect product for you you can buy this great product. No more today. Thank you very much.

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