Pelican Sentinel 100x kayak review

Pelican sentinel 100x review : Best pelican kayak

Right now short tours, picnics, and outdoor parties are very very famous all over the world. So short water trips are also very popular in this world. So if you want to do a short water tour you will need a kayak like Pelican sentinel 100x kayak and you will find everything of this product in this pelican sentinel 100x review.

Pelican sentinel 100x review :

Actually today we are going to talk about an amazing kayak. This is the pelican sentinel 100x and this is available for sale on online shops. So keep reading to know about the pelican sentinel 100x kayak. We are going to describe this item in many steps.

Modern Pelican kayak

1. Modern shape.
2. lightweight.
3. Well balanced.
4. Able to move quickly.
5. Great seating position.
6. Durable carrying handles.
7. Easy to carry.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Customer reviews
4.5 out of 5 stars
501 global ratings

Its seat and capacity

The pelican sentinel 100x is a one person kayak. So it is clear that it has only one seat and you can call it a one person kayak. But its seating system is really very good and amazing. It has an ErgoLounge Seating System. It provides extra-thick cushioning.

It also has an adjustable extra high and wide backrest system. So the overall seating system is perfect. Its max capacity is 275 lbs and that means 124.73 kg. So this is huge and this is good enough for one person.

Making materials and footrest

All kayak’s lifetime depends on them making materials. So before buying a kayak you should check its making material.  But don’t worry about the sentinel 100x. Because this product is made of RAM-X and RAM-X is made with exceptionally durable high molecular weight polyethylene.

This material can save this kayak from many injuries. This material is definitely good and it makes this kayak more durable. Pelican includes the molded footrest system in the sentinel 100x kayak. Its seating and footrest system are good and perfect. So this kayak is comfortable for paddlers of all sizes.

Item weight and its dimension

The pelican sentinel 100x kayak’s weight is only 18.96 kg and that means only 41.8 lbs. That’s why this item is very lightweight and it is very comfortable to carry. We know that an ideal kayak is always very light.

Its dimensions are 114″ X 30″ X 11″ and this is wonderful. The perfect dimensions make this kayak more stable and perfect. So if you buy this item you will be able to carry this product very easily and you will get the perfect stability on the water. So how sweet the kayak is! We are satisfied with its weight and dimensions.

Storage and bottle holder

It has a great storage platform with bungee cords. The bungee cords will help you to bring all the gear. So you will be able to carry all your essential gear for taking the next step. We think its storage platform is good enough for carrying many important things like foods, bags, tend, etc. It also has an amazing feature and this is the bottle holder.

Thanks to the Pelican brand for providing this amazing feature. We hope we know that drinking water is very essential for our body and mind. That’s why we always need to drink water. That’s why we also need bottles for carrying water. We also carry many other essential things in any bottle. So the bottle holder will help you in many other ways.

More information

If you are a beginner in kayaking this item is the best and perfect for you. This amazing kayak will help you to learn kayaking perfectly. Because as a beginner item it has all the essential things. But if you are almost expert in this side it also will be best for you. Because overall it is an ideal product.

Already we have talked about 8 features. But it also has some nice features. It has carrying handles and it will help you to carry this item very easily. It also has a drain plug and this is a great thing.

question and answer for the pelican sentinel 100x kayak



  • Modern shape.
  • lightweight.
  • Well balanced.
  • Able to move quickly.
  • Great seating position.
  • Durable carrying handles.
  • Easy to carry.


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Is it the best pelican kayak?

Yes, definitely the pelican sentinel 100x is the best pelican kayak. This kayak is the best seller and it is also our favorite item. Because overall this product is an ideal one. Many people bought this product and most of the customers are very happy and satisfied with this kayak.

Overall it is the best one and it is the number 1 on our favorite pelican kayak list. But you can also visit the pelican kayak reviews and the pelican maxim 100x review to show more and more good kayaks. But definitely, the sentinel 100x is the best one.

How to carry this kayak very easily?

The great and good thing is it is a very lightweight kayak. It also has a strong and perfect carrying handle. So always this kayak is very easy to carry. But if you want to move it on any road or dry place you have to use the best kayak trolley. Any good trolley will be able to help you to move this item from one place to another place.

Okay, if you want to carry it on our car or track you have to tie it on your car roof very strongly. You can also use the free space of your track. You should use a durable and strong rope to bind. You should always choose the very lightweight kayak for a long tour. Because we believe that this kind of kayak is very easy to carry. So that’s all.

final word for pelican sentinel 100x kayak review

Final word

Now we are in the last part of the pelican sentinel 100x kayak review. We believe that this review has all the important points about the pelican sentinel 100x kayak. So before buying this product, please read that point again and then if you like it you can buy it. We believe that this kayak will be the best item for you.

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