Pelican Sling Cooler review

Pelican sling cooler review-2022

Nowadays, a backpack cooler is the most useful thing for a traveler. We are also traveler lovers and that’s why we always need many kinds of backpacks and backpack coolers. As travel lovers, we know that there are many kinds of backpack coolers in the world. There are many kinds of smart and good-looking backpack coolers in the market. The smart and good-looking backpack can give us a great outlook. Today, we will give you the pelican sling cooler review and we are going to talk about its all features in this review.

All about the pelican sling cooler

Pelican Sling Cooler

1. Enough storage.
2. Good carrying system.
3. Comfortable to carry.
4. Very durable.
5. Very smart.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Customer reviews
4.4 out of 5 stars
149 global ratings

Actually, the pelican sling cooler is that kind of smart backpack cooler. We can call this item an ice cooler or soft cooler also. This item is really a very good and smart product. This item can keep your drinks cold all day long. Because this is a water-resistant and incredibly durable soft cooler. This soft cooler is designed in the USA and made in China.

The pelican sling cooler backpack’s outer side is protected by the 840D nylon waterproof fabric. This is a really good fabric. It has excellent tearing and tensile strength and that’s why this fabric is completely waterproof and airtight.

This sling cooler backpack has 840D double-coated TPU. This material is UV resistant and it can protect this item from extreme weather and environmental conditions. It can protect this cooler from abrasions and punctures also.

This sling cooler is very easy to carry. The main reason is its lightweight design and the other reason is it has padded shoulder straps. These straps have ultimate portability and versatility. These straps are very comfortable to use. Because these are padded straps. These straps can carry 8. 5 liters and that means this cooler capacity is 8.5 liters.

This cooler backpack has a compression-molded base. This feature can give this backpack enough durability and it has increased the structure. Okay, it is time to talk about the zipper.

A Zipper is the most important part of a sling cooler backpack. This item has leak-resistant zippers and these zippers are completely waterproof. So these zippers will protect your ice, liquid, or any content from any kind of bad weather.


front side picture of pelican sling cooler

Okay, now it is time to talk about another important part of a backpack cooler. We have been told that the zipper is the most important part of a sling backpack cooler. But inner walls are also the most important part of a backpack cooler.

Pelican sling coolers walls are very good and insulated. It has high-density closed-cell foam on the inner side. This kind of foam is very good for extreme insulation. So this sling cooler can keep the best temperature for a long time. Actually, its ice retention time is 12 hours and we believe that this time is enough for a short tour. 

18.3 x 7.5 x 7.5 inches are the dimensions of this product and it is very good and balanced. These smart dimensions give this product a smart shape and look. We already have been told that this item is very easy to carry due to its lightweight design.

Again we are saying that this item is very light. Its weight is only 2.6 lbs and that means it is only ‎1.18 Kilograms. So overall it is an ideal soft cooler backpack and this is ready for any kind of adventure.


  • Enough storage.
  • Good carrying system.
  • Comfortable to carry.
  • Very durable.
  • Very smart.


  • N\A


zipper picture of pelican sling cooler

Frequently asked questions.

Is it a durable soft cooler?

Yes, this item is very very durable. Okay, now we are going to write some reasons and we believe that this part will help you to know about its actual durability. Already we have been told that the outer shell of this item is made of 840D nylon. So we know that this material is one of the most durable and waterproof fabrics. So the outer side is very well and durable.

Also, it has been written that its zipper is waterproof. Its zippers are also leak-resistant. Its inner wall is made of high-density closed-cell foam. This wall can provide the best insulation to this soft cooler. Okay, the last and very important part is the carrying handles. It has two carrying handles and already we have been told that.

It has a padded shoulder strap and a small carrying handle. These two handles are very durable and they are able to carry 8. 5 Liters. So now we can see that this is one of the most durable soft cooler.


Is it a soft cooler?

Actually, it is definitely a great and good soft cooler. We know that it has all the important features. It has durable outer walls, good inner walls, durable carrying handles, waterproof zippers. So it is definitely an ideal soft cooler and the best product.

But we have selected another one depending on the ratings. We have selected the Clevermade Collapsible Cooler Bag. Right now this cooler has 6807 ratings. So we think it is number one. But really the pelican sling cooler is also the best one. It is really an ideal and smart item. So if you buy this product you will get a smart and winning product. 


Final word.

Dear readers, now it is time to close this article. Because now we are in the last step of this article. This article was amazing and really we have enjoyed this article so much. It was amazing because the product is really good and smart.


We think we have given all the important information about this item in the pelican sling cooler review. So we hope if you read this article properly now you know all the things about this soft cooler. So this good and smart item is only for you and this is our recommendation for you.

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