Sea eagle 285 review

Sea Eagle 285 Review: The Ultimate Tandem Kayak for Fishing and Recreation

The Sea Eagle 285 is a lightweight, portable inflatable tandem kayak perfect for fishing, recreation, and open-water exploration. With space for two adults and their gear, this versatile kayak suits lakes, rivers, and even open ocean adventures.

Read below for a complete overview of the Sea Eagle 285’s features, performance, and suitability for various missions.

The Sea Eagle 285 Inflatable Tandem Kayak weighs only 26 pounds but can hold up to 490 pounds. Quickly inflates and deflates and includes 2 deluxe kayak seats and 2 paddles.

Sea eagle 285 boat

Detailed Review of Sea Eagle 285

Sea Eagle 285

The Sea Eagle 285 is a lightweight, portable inflatable kayak for two people. It has a weight capacity of 490 pounds and has two deluxe seats. Durable 38 mil PolyKrylar hull provides excellent tracking and speed for lake, river, and open ocean use.

Performance and Handling

For an inflatable kayak, the Sea Eagle 285 performs incredibly well. The pointed bow allows the kayak to glide efficiently through the water, increasing speed and directional stability.

The hull shape and I-beam bottom construction provide excellent stability and rigidity comparable to hard-shell kayaks. Easy to maneuver even in windy conditions and very forgiving even for novice paddlers. Even without a rudder, the trajectory remains relatively straight.

Setup and Inflation

One of the best features of 285 is that it inflates quickly and is ready to use. With the included high-performance foot pump, it only takes 8 minutes to fully inflate your kayak.

Sea Eagle’s valves are easy to use and allow for quick inflation and quick deflation after use. The kayak also comes with a carrying bag for convenient packing and transport.

It takes about 8 minutes to deflate and bag. Overall, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble.


The Sea Eagle 285 has a weight capacity of 490 pounds and can comfortably accommodate two adults and their equipment. The open deck design has plenty of space to store your bags, fishing rods, and camping gear.

Integrated front and rear rope handles make it easy to carry additional gear. Thanks to its spaciousness, this kayak is perfect for weekend camping trips or long expeditions.


The Sea Eagle 285 features two inflatable and adjustable kayak seats with padded backrests for all-day paddle comfort. “Deluxe” seats are higher off the ground than standard inflatable seats for increased comfort.

Thigh support provides a secure fit and both front and rear seats have footrests. The open cockpit design provides plenty of legroom.

Quality and Durability

Like all Sea Eagle boats, the 285 is constructed from extremely durable PolyKrylar hull material. Thicker than the competition at 38 mils, this high-density material resists punctures and abrasion far better than cheaper PVC or vinyl inflatables.

It is also resistant to sunburn. The I-beam reinforced base is also very stiff and rigid despite being expanded. Inflatable pontoons have the same thickness and can withstand any load.


Sea Eagle kayaks always include basic equipment. The 285 comes as a complete package with 2 paddles, 2 inflatable seats, a foot pump, a repair kit, and a carrying bag. Optional additions include a removable skeg, fishing rod holder, storage bag, and more for improved tracking.


  • Very durable PolyKrylar hull construction
  • I-beam floor provides rigidity
  • Excellent stability for two adults
  • Good storage capacity for gear
  • Comfortable deluxe inflatable seats
  • Fast inflation/deflation
  • Great performance for an inflatable


  • No included dry storage compartments
  • Lower weight capacity than other Sea Eagles
  • Two adults will lower top speed

What are the dimensions and capacity of the Sea Eagle 285?

The Sea Eagle 285 is 11 feet long and 2 feet 3 inches wide when inflated. It has a maximum weight capacity of 490 pounds and comfortably accommodates up to 2 adults.

How stable is the 285?

This kayak is very stable even when standing and fishing. The I-beam construction floor provides excellent rigidity and the hull shape allows for linear alignment. Inflatable pontoons provide additional stability when fully inflated to the recommended pressure.

Is it easy to inflate and transport?

Yes, it only takes 8 minutes to inflate the 285 using the included foot pump. It packs into a carrying case that measures just 31 x 19 x 10 inches and weighs just 26 pounds. Once inflated, it can be easily carried by one person. The small pack size and light weight make it easy to cover your car.

How durable is the construction?

Sea Eagle uses extra-thick 38 mil PolyKrylar hull material that resists punctures and UV damage. More durable than the cheaper PVC materials used in other inflatable boats. The I-beam construction floor significantly strengthens the kayak for superior performance.


For tandems looking for an inflatable kayak that performs well on lakes and rivers, the Sea Eagle 285 is a great choice. It is also rugged enough for use at sea, although it lacks some of the advanced features found in heavier tandem models, such as a rudder.

The lightweight pack size and quick inflation time make the 285 ideal for camping trips, hike starts, and travel. Ideal for recreational paddling, but also suitable for light whitewater and fishing. Overall, it’s an affordable, yet versatile, high-quality tandem.

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