Sevylor Quikpak K1 kayak review

Sevylor quikpak k1 review : most popular sevylor kayak

Right now kayaking is the most popular fun workout in the world. We know that there are two kinds of popular kayaks in the world. One is the hard shell kayak and the other is the inflatable kayak. Today our topic is Sevylor quikpak k1 inflatable kayak and we are going to tell you everything about this item in this Sevylor quikpak k1 review.

Because we can pack up an inflatable kayak within a very short time and the most important thing is this kind of kayak never to occupy our extra space for storage.  It is an inflatable kayak and it is very light. It is a one-person kayak. For all information please keep reading.

Sevylor quikpak k1 review :

The Sevylor quikpak k1 kayak has many important and interesting features. Its main parts are seat, storage, footrest position, backrest position, multiple air chambers, etc. So we think if we describe these features every single step by step that will be easy for understanding this product.

Sevylor Inflatable kayak.

1. Great balanced.
2. Good seating system.
3. Comfortable backpack.
4. Paddle and pump included.
5. Super lightweight.
6. Easy to carry.
7. 2 carrying handles.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

Customer reviews
4.3 out of 5 stars
1,667 global ratings

Seat and backrest.

Actually, it has a backpack system. Okay, now our question is what is the connection of the backpack with the seating position. It has no extra seat and that is really good. Because extra things mean extra weight. Actually, the backpack system turns into a seat. This is very soft and comfortable.

This kayak has also a great backrest position. Its backrest position is also soft, comfortable and its height is good enough for any paddlers. So overall its seating position is as perfect as an ideal inflatable kayak.

Weight, dimensions, and capacity.

Its weight is only 18 pounds and that means it is only 8.16 kilograms. As an inflatable kayak, this item is very lightweight. The lightweight feature is most important for a kayak. Because a lightweight kayak can move very fast and its weight is perfect for fast moving.

Its dimensions are 103. 36. 30 and these are also great. This kayak’s weight capacity is good enough. Because its capacity is 400 lbs and that means 181.43 kilograms. We know that it is one person kayak. So 400 lbs are enough for one person.

Storage and footrest position.

The Sevylor Quikpak k1 kayak has a bungee cord storage area and it has also a brink holder. These features can carry your drink and gear very comfortably. So we believe that these storage systems will be able to give you a thought free travel to carry gear. The Sevylor Quikpak k1 has multiple footrest positions. This footrest position will help you to find your comfortable foot position.

uper side image of sevylor quikpak k1 kayak

Multiple air chambers.

This kayak has multiple air chambers and this feature is really important for an inflatable kayak. Its air chambers are better than any other inflatable kayak. Because its air chambers are divided into many different parts. So if any single chamber will puncture then the other chambers will save you from sinking.

Carrying handles and backpack system.

This kayak has two carrying handles and these handles are really strong and durable. Already we know that this kayak is very lightweight. So these handles will make the carrying feel more comfortable.

The great brand Sevylor has included a backpack system with this product. You will be able to put this kayak into the backpack and really this is very small and lightweight. So it won’t waste your important space.

Important information.

This kayak is made of polyester and this is the main making material of this product. This kayak is made for only Unisex – adults people. So if you are a Unisex – adult this product will be the best for you. This item color is blue and this beautiful color will give you strong visibility and a great outlook.

The Sevylor has said that this is a fishing sport-type kayak. The last and interesting thing is any adult people can set up this kayak within only 5 minutes. So overall this is the Sevylor quikpak k1 review.

the pumping hole of the sevylor quikpak k1 kayak



  • Great balanced.
  • Good seating system.
  • Comfortable backpack.
  • Paddle and pump included.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Easy to carry.
  • 2 carrying handles.


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Frequently asked questions.

What will I get if I buy it?

If you buy this product you will get many important and nice things. If you buy this item you will get a beautiful and durable paddle. We know that a paddle is the most important thing for a kayak. So if you buy this item you don’t have to worry about a paddle.

You will also get a nice and durable backpack with this item. Already we have known that this backpack turns into a seat. You will also get a strong hand pump with this product. This pump will help you to set up this kayak within only 5 minutes. So if you buy this kayak you will get these kinds of extra and important features with this item.


What is the best Sevylor kayak?

After long research, we have seen that this is the best Sevylor kayak. The Sevylor quikpak k1 is the best seller and already this item has achieved 1496 ratings and this is huge. Most of the customers are happy with this item.

Already we have known that it has all the important features. So we believe that this is the best Sevylor kayak. We know that there are many kinds of inflatable kayaks in the world and already we have reviewed more than 6 inflatable kayaks. So you can also read the article.


Final word.

Now we are in the last part of the Sevylor quikpak k1 review. We have tried to give you the best and the full detailed review of the Sevylor quikpak k1 kayak. But the final wish and step are yours. So after reading this article if you like this kayak then you buy this product. We think that if you like an inflatable kayak and if you are an adult person this kayak will be the best for you. No more today and many many thanks for reading.

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